Home Automation

Live Life Comfortably with A Premier Home Automation Made For You

Home automation connects the electronic devices within a home, such as appliances and entertainment systems, and controls lighting. Additionally, adjust the temperature, lock doors, and alarm systems. Each device has sensors that connect to WiFi, making it easier for you to control them from your smartphone, no matter where you are.

Home automation enables you to access control of those electronic devices in secure and convenient ways. Smart, connected home automation solutions simplify various tasks around the house, providing functionalities to help monitor and control your home with the access of the applications integrated within the system.

Your home’s security is guaranteed with home automation, making you feel safer and more comfortable.

Home Automation - services
Home Automation - services

Pick the best option for your home automation needs

Smart Lock

With smart locks, you can lock the doors with your smartphone and ensure your family’s safety. You can just assign your visitors or contractors a temporary key with the Vivint App or receive a message on your phone when your children walk through your door.

Stay secured with smart locks without even getting out of bed.


Smart Thermostat

Run your heating and cooling system more effectively even if you’re asleep or away from the house with a smart thermostat.
Setting your ideal temperature will give you the home comfort that you need.

Smart Surveillance camera management

Your Vivint app helps you control your surveillance camera and sends alert messages when your camera finds suspicious activity.
With the powerful Vivint app,  you can see high-definition live feeds or save short video clips to review later. Or talk with delivery people using the 2-way talk capabilities.

Protect your family and make your home safer by having enhanced, smarter security.

Smart Lighting Solutions

With cost-efficient smart lighting solutions, it enhances your daily tasks. You can program the lighting brightness to minimize the TV glare by setting it up to the right level or making it night-lights.


Garage Door Set up

Set up your garage door automatically and monitor it wherever you’re at.
Monitor your garage door seamlessly with a powerful system.

Advanced Security Sensors and alarms control system

With the Vivint App, you can schedule your home security components to control your system from your security app, making it easier to let in out-of-town visitors. And receive phone alerts any time a sensor trips.

Entrust your protection with an advanced control system.